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Clinic Login - RevFlow

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RevFlow - Clinic Login

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RevFlo - Medical Billing Services Revenue Cycle Management

An initial consultation will help us determine where we can add value. We offer comprehensive and innovative billing solutions; full range of revenue cycle management services claims submissions and scrubbing inquiries and issue resolution payment posting denial management & payer follow up remittance reconciliation patient billing and collections consulting training reporting and ...

WebPT + RevFlow: Best Practices - RevFlow Knowledge Base

Users should never have more than one set of credentials for the WebPT EMR or RevFlow as each user can be granted access to multiple clinics and companies. If you need to edit a user's login name password or permissions click here to learn how. It's crucial that providers are not duplicated in the WebPT EMR.

Integrated Payments - RevFlow Knowledge Base

From the drop-down menu click Clinic Settings. Locate the Billing Application Settings section and select the On radio button for Send Patient Payment Information to Billing Application. Place a checkmark next to each payment type that you want to integrate with RevFlow.

Custom Codes - RevFlow Knowledge Base

If your clinic uses Custom CPT codes for self-pay patients and supplies they will first need to be added to your RevFlow Procedure Code database. In RevFlow. When your clinic is created in RevFlow you will need to supply a copy of your CPT Fee Schedule including any Custom CPT Codes.

RevFlow Overview - RevFlow Knowledge Base

RevFlow Overview. Welcome to RevFlow. Let's review some key functionality of the system that will help you as you learn the application. RevFlow Window. RevFlow is separated into two distinct sections: Work Area; Frame; The Work Area changes based on selections made. This is where you can see patient records billing information and reports.

Practice Management | Physical Therapy Software | WebPT

Clinic or Company Name Your Clinic or Company name is required. Number of Therapists - select - 1 2-5 6-10 11-14 15-20 21-24 25-29 30 Your Clinic or Company size is required.

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