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Twonky Server is the industry leading DLNA/UPnP Media Server from Lynx Technology that enables sharing media content between connected devices. Twonky Server is used worldwide and is available as a standalone server (end user installable e.g. for PCs/Macs) or an embedded server for devices such as NAS routers/gateways and STBs. ...

Lynx Technology User Management

Twonky Overview - Twonky Client SDK - Twonky Server - Twonky Mobile SDK - Lynx Media Player; Professional Services; Market Solutions. NAS Manufacturers; Routers and Gateways; STB Manufacturers; Android STB and TV; Audio Control Systems; Client App Developers; PARTNERS; PRESS.

Twonky Server Redirect

Auto redirect to the locally installed Twonky Server(s)

Twonky Server | Simple Media Connectivity | QNAP

With Twonky Server you can stream media content via DLNA/ UPnP throughout your home to connected devices (including displays or audio devices) faster and easier. By automatically indexing and extracting metadata from your media Twonky Server also optimizes runtime and memory utilization.

WD My Cloud & Twonky Server - My Cloud - WD Community

There are no subtitles when i stream movies over DLNA with the current version on the WD firmware which is 7.2.9-6_7.5.0-77. However i installed trial version of the newest Twonky Server on my laptop just to see if the problem will go away and voila the problem goes away with the newest version of Twonky Server (8+ version).

Twonky Username and Password - My Cloud - WD Community

You can set a Username and Password in Twonky Server. Is this useful ? Or if you set it does it cause trouble local LAN Remote when you stream videos music and pictures ? AFAIK it's only a username / password for the Twonky UI itself - has no impact at all on streaming to typical DLNA clients.

Do I need TWONKY - My Cloud - WD Community

The Twonky Media Server is what is known as a DLNA media server. It allows DLNA clients found in numerous devices like smart TV's media streaming devices and mobile apps to stream supported media (music video pictures) from the My Cloud device. If you do not want or need to use it you can disable it via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings.

Twonky Server database issues & fix - My Cloud - WD Community

[edit] 2015/02/24: I think I've finally figured out how to get Twonky working in a stable fashion so I've written up my findings in a Twonky Setup & Use FAQ thread. [/edit] I foolishly unplugged my 4TB MyCloud last night in order to sort out power leads etc. [I'm of the opinion that since mains power isn't always guaranteed even in first world countries systems **_ought_** to cope ...

Reset twonky user/pass? - My Cloud - WD Community

Hi How can i reset Twonky username/pass without doing a full system reset? I have tried the 4 second and 40 second reboot and also Resolved: password recovery for twonky media server on WD Mycloud All of the above dont work

TWONKY SERVER - Lynx Technology

Twonky Server is designed to be embedded in network attached storage (NAS) set top box (STB) and router products and it does not require any development by our customers. Twonky Server offers DLNA and UPnP server capability and has been developed in the 'C' language to yield efficient binaries.


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