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Windows Logon Scripts - VBScript examples to create ...

Introduction Logon Scripts. In this section I will give you examples of how to build the VBScript to use in your logon script. I will help you chose which methods to use and which variables to change. There are two sections; one section specialises in mapped network drives while the other section deals with scripts for printers. Please choose ...

Scripting a simple VBS logon script - Active Directory ...

I want to create a logon script. There are multiple drives that I want to map. I want the logon script to delete the drives when the logon script is first run (so in case there is a change it matches the new settings) I want the logon script to hide the network path (so instead of it saying \\PC\sharename I just want it to show as Sharename

VBScript Scripting Techniques: Login Dialog

' This function uses Internet Explorer to create a login dialog. ' ' Script Name: IELogin.vbs ' Version: 4.00 ' Last modified: 2016-12-22 ' ' Arguments: [string] optional user name (use "" or Null to leave user name field blank) ' Returns: [array] the user name (0) and password (1) typed in the dialog screen '

VBS script - Login to website automatically..

Open the source (right click and click 'View Source') for the target login page and search for the correct controls. Now you can include this script file to startup menu or scheduler to login to your website as needed. 6 Comments

VBScript to Launch a website login - Stack Overflow

Glad to see that I not forget everything as my last web scripting was about 10 years ago :) The site rules not allow multiple questions in one topic so you can open new topic if you like and probably will get better reply but my short reply is - just find an html element that's available on that page only when you logged-in and check for existence of that element and to start login only if ...

Tips and Code Snippets for Login Scripts

Many companies do use a batch file as their login script but in most cases this batch file serves only as a "wrapper" to start he "real" login script e.g. @KIX32.EXE login.kix or @CSCRIPT.EXE //NoLogo login.vbs or @REGINA.EXE login.rex or @PERL.EXE login.pl.

Assign a logon script to a profile - Windows Server ...

How to assign a logon script to a user's profile Click the Start point to Administrative Tools and then click Computer Management. In the console tree expand Local Users and Groups and then click Users. In the right pane right-click the user account that you want and then click Properties.

Working with startup shutdown logon and logoff scripts ...

In the Add a Script dialog box do the following: In the Script Name box type the path to the script or click Browse to search for the script file in the Netlogon shared folder on the domain controller. In the Script Parameters box type any parameters that you want the same way as you would type them on the command line.

Logon Scripts for mapping network drives - VBScript Method

PowerShell and Logon Scripts. Both DOS and VBScript are being superseded by PowerShell even for connecting to printers or mapping network drives. Remember that PowerShell is designed for configuring the operating system rather than setting the user environment. However it's possible for PowerShell to create a ComObject which can act as a ...

Login script not running when user logins into Windows ...

Just having "tmg_login.vbs" in Login Script should also work if the script is at the root of netlogon. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Nov 2 '09 at 1:52. Greg Beck Greg Beck. 61 2 2 bronze badges. 1. omg that was it. It works now. I knew it had to be something simple. - aduljr Nov 3 '09 at 0:54.


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